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Statement from DDC regarding Planning at Stowe Hill

By Linda Carter - Clerk Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council

Monday, 30 December 2019


Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council Contributor


As requested, this is the Statement to use to respond to any enquiries from constituents or parish councillors:

It is useful to start with general advice given to parishes about planning enforcement. The absence of planning permission is in itself not a reason for the Council to take action against unauthorised development. Enforcement action is discretionary. The Council has to have regard to all the circumstances before considering whether it is in the public interest to take action. Such a consideration would need to have regard to the potential impact on the health, housing needs and welfare of those affected by the proposed action, and those affected by any breach of planning control. The conclusion may be that formal action is not warranted. Where formal action is taken, grounds of appeal include that planning permission should have been granted, or that permission is not required. The Council will only take enforcement action when it is proportionate and expedient to do so, having regard to the development plan and any other material considerations, including whether there is a harmful impact, and also where there is a reasonable prospect of success on appeal.

Stowe Hill is not a travellers' community. It is approved for residential use for one traveller family only. Planning investigators and other officials have visited numerous times and remain satisfied that we are still dealing with one large family unit living on site. Council officers and other officials are engaging with the family and land owner to discuss highway safety issues (pending access improvements), ensure that vehicles and caravans not in use are removed from the site and resolve any planning breaches as appropriate.

The Council understands that local residents are concerned. Although the Council's responses are necessarily brief, and don't include personal or confidential information, please be assured that all concerns or observations reported to the Council will be included in our ongoing investigation or referred to other agencies if appropriate. Please direct any concerns or observations to [email protected] The Council will continue to work with all relevant parties to resolve issues.

Maria Taylor MBA

Executive Director (Community)

Contact Information

Linda Carter - Clerk

  • 07530 963236

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The parish of Stowe Nine Churches is part of the Daventry district and comprises of two settlements, Church Stowe and Upper Stowe.