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News from Gigaclear

By Linda Carter - Clerk Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council

Monday, 13 July 2020


Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council Contributor


Our current work road space notices are as follows –

  1. Farthingstone road – 17-7-20 till 30-7-20
  2. Preston capes road – 11-7-20 till 24-7-20 (currently in progress)
  3. Stowe village Main Street – 5-2-21 till 26-2-21 (this will be sooner unable to confirm date yet)
  4. Upper Stowe Main Street – 25-11-20 till 10-12-20 (this will be sooner unable to confirm date yet)

We are currently awaiting for road closures within the villages on the dates above these will be pulled forward as soon as our contractors are ready and have the resource available, i am not able to give you the exact date yet and will advise as soon as I’m aware of their intentions.

Attached are the cabinet locations we currently have for our small Cabs in the area, they are highlighted on the map in the green boxes, all cabinets will be placed on the public highway and not on private land.

On the 3rd attachment this briefly shows what work has been completed (highlighted in yellow) so far on the way to Stowe and upper stowe.

Fibre blowing will only happen once the duct has been installed in the ground and civils are complete, so i am unable to give you an update on this until that is complete but will advise at the time.

If any one has any questions please let me know.

Thank you.

Matt Hall – Project Delivery Lead

Contact Information

Linda Carter - Clerk

  • 07530 963236

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Stowe Nine Churches, Church Stowe, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN7 4SG


Additional Information

The parish of Stowe Nine Churches is part of the Daventry district and comprises of two settlements, Church Stowe and Upper Stowe.