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Broadband Update

By Linda Carter - Clerk Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council

Monday, 25 November 2019


Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council Contributor


Update on Broadband delivery by Gigaclear.

The delay in delivery to Stowe Nine Churches is unfortunate and has been due to a number of issues. These include navigating special engineering difficulties, problems acquiring wayleave agreements and protracted negotiations with Highways England regarding access to the A5. The latter is also because of other ongoing works. As a result, Gigaclear are redesigning their deployment plans for this area. This is to minimise any further delays and to ensure as many communities and residents are served as possible. Although frustrating for those affected, this is the sensible course of action. I understand that the Q1/Q2 date that Glynn has provided is the latest forecast, but I will check with him so that I can provide you with more specific details when they are available.

You will be pleased to hear that recent months have seen a sharp increase in the number of premises that are going live. Gigaclear are in the process of opening a regional office, recruiting staff and engaging additional suppliers to support the delivery of their Northamptonshire programme.

We believe that this demonstrates their long term commitment to delivering full fibre solutions to rural residents of Northamptonshire. This can only be positive news.

Ansel Pearce

Performance Support Officer , PLACE Directorate, Northamptonshire County Council

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Linda Carter - Clerk

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Additional Information

The parish of Stowe Nine Churches is part of the Daventry district and comprises of two settlements, Church Stowe and Upper Stowe.