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By Aly Taylor - Councillor Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council

Thursday, 20 December 2018


Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council Contributor


Request for a 30mph Speed Limit in both Church Stowe and Upper Stowe

A concerned resident recently submitted a request to Northamptonshire Highways Department for a 30mph speed limit to be applied within both Church Stowe and Upper Stowe.

Northamptonshire Highways are prepared to consider this but before submitting the request to the Review Panel have asked whether the Parish Council supports the proposal.

In compiling our Village Design Statement recently, it was very clear there was support for limiting the speed of vehicles travelling through the Parish, however it was equally apparent there was resistance to the installation of additional street signage, and unfortunately, the rules require that where a speed limit is applied in an area without street lighting, then repeater signs must be installed every 200 metres.

The Parish Council would therefore like to hear the views of residents as to whether or not they would support a proposal for the application of 30mph speed limits within each of the two settlements, notwithstanding that this will involve the installation of additional signage, including repeaters at 200 metre intervals in either direction.

It is worth pointing out there are costs involved both in a referral to the Review Panel and if successful, then in terms of signage; such costs can sometimes be met by NCC Highways but they have no budget available at present, and bearing in mind that Northamptonshire CC is itself bankrupt, it is unlikely that there would be any immediate action.

You can give us your views either through a survey which has been set up on the village Facebook page, or by writing to or e-mailing the Acting Parish Clerk, Tony Teague via [email protected], or to High View, Main Street, UPPER STOWE, Northants, NN7 4SH

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The parish of Stowe Nine Churches is part of the Daventry district and comprises of two settlements, Church Stowe and Upper Stowe.